Taylor Swift Adds Todrick Hall To Her Squad With Epic 'Little Mermaid' Cover

Taylor Swift Adds Todrick Hall To Her Squad With Epic 'Little Mermaid' Cover

When Taylor Swift went and had all these badass women in her “Bad Blood” video, I was a little jealous I wasn’t invited. Luckily, I was able to shake it off. I could restrain from being jealous every time she and her squad posted an amazing beach or pool party picture, but this time I must reveal that I am green with envy being on the outside looking into her world. Miss Swift went and got all Disney-riffic with YouTube/Broadway star Todrick Hall this holiday season.

How these two became friends is beyond me. It’s like Swift sends out secret invites to her lavish home and then insanely cool friends just appear at her doorstep. We’ve seen her model and actress gal pals, but the chemistry she has with Todrick Hall is giving us life, especially after we watched them duet on one of the best Disney songs ever; “Part of Your World” from the one and only Little Mermaid.

Hall took control of most of the singing, but with his background on the stage, he was able to own Ariel’s memorable lines as his buddy Swift played the piano with such finesse. You can tell this was just a spur of the moment thing as he adlibs and they playfully giggle throughout. But really though, could this lead them to do even more in the future? We’re sure hoping so and will be following them like hawks on their socials just to insure we don’t miss the next time one of their BFF slumber parties turn into a Disney sing-a-long. In a perfect world they’ll do something from The Lion King or A Goofy Movie next!

We also hope that this means Swift will start to fall into Hall’s realm just a bit. As one of the newest judges at the table on RuPaul’s Drag Race, could you imagine the pop star guest judging alongside her bestie on the reality show? We can only hope that is what’s to come when Drag Race returns for its ninth season in 2017. While we speculate the future of Swift and drag queens, we’re going to watch her and Hall make Disney magic a few more dozen times, and wait for our invite to the squad. 

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