Costco Needs To Calm Down As They Plan To Raise Membership Prices

Costco Needs To Calm Down As They Plan To Raise Membership Prices

Costco is a magical place where you can get enough toilet paper to last you and your man a few months, score amazing deals on body soap, buy way too much cereal and of course eat your weight in free samples on any given day. It’s a place many have memberships to for convenience but pretty soon those members may be peeved because word on the street is that the bulk god is going to increase their annual prices.

Delish dished out the details on this apparent price hike coming to the store. According to the analysts they looked at at UBS the price for our annual fee to be a part of their bulk club may raise as much as 10%. Which would roughly mean paying five more bucks a year to be a Gold Star Member, and 10 more to hold the sweet Executive Membership. If you’re not already part of the club that’s an increase to $60 and $120 a year to shop for insane amounts of paper plates, meat and glorious, gigantic cakes.

Costco has yet to say if this is happening or not, but according to Consmerist the company’s financial officer Richard Galanti said late last year that this may be a good time for them to increase their membership prices. Costco is opening 30 new stores, but when that happens - wouldn’t you think the price would possibly go down instead of up since they’re going to have more customers coming in?

That is how it should be, but alas you know how those big companies roll - it mountains of money. Nevertheless, did you know you do not have to have a membership to use their optometrist and pharmacist, buy their alcohol (in some states), window shop, take in their cheap eats at their food court and use their gift cards. Seriously, according to Life Hacker as long as the gift card was bought by a member, you're free to shop with it there. So damn, even if they want to go and raise those prices, we got other options to keep on scoring there.

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