This Mom Thinks You Should Spend More Time Naked In Front Of Your Children

This Mom Thinks You Should Spend More Time Naked In Front Of Your Children

For most, the idea of seeing their parents naked sends chills down their spine. That's because in our society that's not the norm, but it sure is for Australian blogger Constance Hall. She made that loud and clear that she sees nothing wrong with her children seeing her birthday suit in a Facebook post that went viral as soon as she posted. Hall doesn't just want to be naked around her kids for no reason. To her, being nude around your children helps them eschew the unrealistic body standards plastered in the media.

In a post that greatly surpassed 50,000 reactions Hall wrote, "I advocate nakedness around your children, homes and husbands. I don't want my boys' expectations of women to resemble those that they see in magazines or TV nor do I want my girls' expectations of themselves to," adding, "No longer will we idolize the unrealistic airbrushed idea of perfection that causes so much self doubt and depression. If you have stretch marks, a hairy minge, saggy boobs, a flat bum, smile lines, a wobbly belly, cellulite, a tiny chest, or any other REAL women traits, the world needs to be flooded with your image. THE WORLD IS DESPERATE FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL IMAGE."

Hall has a point, look at the damage images in the media did back in the '80s and '90s when blonde hair, blue eyes and DD-cup were the only type of woman that seemed "worthy." Today it's transformed into tiny waists and larger than life assets. Thanks Kardashians. So yeah, Hall is right about teaching kids that women are not perfect specimens with a million likes on Instagram. But with that, there were some other things that came to mind.

This mommy blogger talks about women's body but what about men? Should dads be walking around with their parts dangling about? Also, is there a cut off age to when you stop letting your business out and about in front of your kids? It seems like a teenager, no matter how free spirited the family, would not want to see their parent's junk - ever.

While we have some questions about Hall when it comes to rocking the nude look in front of her kids, we applaud her for speaking her mind. This isn't the first time she's had something to say about parenting ways. She praised parents who take time to care for themselves, and she's been very vocal about advocating a mother's right to take anti-depressants if they need them.

We get all that, but just someone let us know - is there a cut off age for being naked around your babies?

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