Time Out! 'Saved By The Bell' Pop-Up Makes Its Way to LA

the cast of saved by the bell
Saved By The Max via Facebook

If you didn't dream of eating in The Max from Saved By The Bell in the '90s, were you even really living? The answer is NO. Every living and breathing product of that decade wanted to sip a milkshake with Zack Morris in that colorful eatery and now they have the chance to because the Saved By The Bell pop-up is coming to LA!

For some reason, the Saved By The Max pop-up first found a home in Chicago. Yeah, we find that weird, too, since the show was not set in the Windy City, but rather out on the Golden Coast. Whatever, at least it's heading home now.

Saved By The Max
Saved By The Max via Facebook

When it was in Chicago, it was too legit to quit. It was like walking into the actual Max from the show. They didn't skimp on any of the details, and they are going to do the same when they bring it to Los Angeles. Fans were all about this in Chicago and for good reason. Screens all around played old episodes and one fan who went said via Yelp, "Make sure your phone is charged because holy heck are you going to be taking pictures."

While in Chicago they had not one, but two of the stars pop by the pop-up. Can we expect even more since many of them reside in LA? We sure hope so! Mario Lopez and Dennis Haskins, better known as Slater and Mr. Belding, were more than happy to appear in Chicago but let's be real...we're all hoping Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen grace us with their Zack and Kelly presence in LA.

Saved By The Max via Facebook

Other than possible appearances by the cast, we can't get over the menu. We're undecided right now on whether we want to have the AC Sliders or Mac & Screech, or go all out and have a good old fashioned Bayside Burger.

We have some time to decide, as we're still waiting on an official opening date. What you can do now though it get your reservation in so you don't miss out! Don't be a preppie and head here to get on the list for the Saved By The Bell pop-up.

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