Teen Dies Of Suicide After Being Bullied By Manager

Teen Dies Of Suicide After Being Bullied By Manager

Losing someone, at any age, isn't something someone wants to deal with. But, there's something about a teenager dying that hits you in the gut—especially when you hear they took their own life due to something like bullying. 

It happens more often than not, but today we're focusing on 17-year-old Kenneth Suttner who killed himself, last December, after he was relentlessly bullied by his manager at work.

There aren't many teens who love their after school jobs, but for Suttner, his time at Dairy Queen was hell. At least, that's what the police reports are saying since his manager, Harley Branham, has been pegged at the root of all of this. Branham allegedly took her job to a whole new level of mean. She's said to have forced Suttner to do unfavorable tasks during his shifts, taunted him by throwing a burger at him, and made him clean the floors with his bare hands.

Suttner's mother told the Columbia Missourian that her son spent most of his life being bullied. So much so, that when finally pushed past the breaking point, her son took a .22 to his head and pulled the trigger—just a few days before Christmas.

Suicide among young people is an epidemic, it's the second leading cause of death for people ages 10 to 24. While there are various reasons as to why many teens wind up taking their own lives, in recent years, bullying has been a very common one. We've seen an explosion of online bullying, but in Suttner's case, it was in his face every day he went into work and now someone has to pay for it. The coroner who looked over Suttner, ruled his death as involuntary manslaughter due to the bullying brought on by Branham.

A jury did rule that Branham be indicted for felony involuntary manslaughter! The jury also found Dairy Queen to be negligent when it came to training their employees in instances of harassment.

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