Principal Demoted Because She Was Pregnant Without A Ring

Principal Demoted Because She Was Pregnant Without A Ring

When Christine Castillo packed up her life and headed from Seattle to Los Angeles back in 2012 she thought her luck was finally stacking up. She’d landed her dream position as an elementary school principal, but soon enough her life turned into a nightmare. Not because she’d found out she was pregnant soon after unpacking her bags and getting settled into her new gig, but because of the treatment she went on to receive after letting her superintendent know she was expecting.

Usually this would not be a problem. Women have been working pregnant for decades, but what the superintendent had a problem with was the fact that Castillo was knocked up and far from married. Castillo told NBC4, that her boss acted less than professional and just downright rude when she told Wendy Sinnette the news. Castille said Sinnette said things like “This is really going to upset your staff and parents," "I made it clear what this job required" and "I need a drink.”

Excited to be having a baby, the then mom to be never thought sharing the news would turn her world upside down and lead to a few years of horrendous mistreatment at her place of work. Not being able to take it anymore and viewing the situation as insanely unfair, she decided it was time to speak up in 2015. She had to after the district not only denied her accommodations during her pregnancy, and gave her less than pleasant performance evaluations. The district continues to stand by Sinnette’s perspective that Castillo’s unwed pregnancy would’ve made their community uncomfortable. One has to wonder if there are any single parents whose children attend this school who are very much offended by the school and district’s backward way of thinking.

After filing the complaint, Castillo was told she’d be demoted from principal to a teacher position. She rightfully left that day. La Cañada Unified School District said in a statement to NBC4, “It is unfortunate that representatives for Ms. Castillo are pursuing a legal strategy that has nothing to do with the facts. Her placement into the classroom last year had absolutely nothing to do with her maternity leave of four years ago.” 

As it stands Castillo and her attorneys are looking to get her job back or to have the current superintendent taken down. It's too bad that we still live in a world where woman can be shamed, mistreated and abused for choosing to have a baby without being married.

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