Not Even 30 and Retired, Say What?

Not Even 30 and Retired, Say What?

Watching our parents and even some of our grandparents working their asses off into their supposed "golden years" does not put a lot of hope in the air when it comes to retirement. Who the hell wants to work until they're so old they can't even enjoy the few years of life left in them when they finally get to leave the workforce and spend their day doing whatever they want? No one, but unlike most of us working day in and day out wondering what it'd be like to say adios to a traditional job before our 30th birthday, people like JP Livingston actually made it her reality. At 28-years-old she's living that retired life and nope, she's not living in a box somewhere. Instead she's living in New York with not a care in the world and over $2 million to her name.

Yes, you read that right. Not even 30 yet and she's worth about $2.25 million dollars and nope, she's not a trust fund kid or someone who fell into fortune thanks to makeup tutorials on YouTube. This Harvard grad spent the summer after her '09 graduation finding herself at a Buddhist monastery in Taiwan, and after that she landed her first job out of college working as a horse-trekking assistant in Mongolia. So yeah, it's safe to assume that's not where the big money came from, but it taught her how to live within her means and not to always value the money at the end of the day. However, she knew that with her degree she better get back to the states and get to work.

Back in New York City she fell into banking but didn't let her newfound success go to her head. The lessons learned overseas stuck with her and her frugal lifestyle continued. Her finances mapped out a modest lifestyle that allowed her to live off $24,000 a year. While that may seem like a lot if you're living in a place like Ohio or Nebraska, that's as low as one can go in a city like the Big Apple. Not only did JP live simpler, but she also continued her lucrative hobby of investing - something she'd started when she was a mere 19-years-old.

Fast forward to today and JP is again worth a good $2.25 million and says that 60% of that is all due to her ability to save. With that, she is done with working, at least of a paycheck. She told Forbes, "I don't think I'd go back to a conventional 9-to-5 job voluntarily, at least not with pay in mind. I could see myself working again for someone else if it were work that aligned with what I wanted to contribute to the world."

Let us all bow to JP's excellence right now because she did it right honey! Learning to live a handful of years without excess has resulted in this woman living like a boss for the rest of her life. Plus, her man still holds down a job even though JP says that they'd be okay with just her net worth. Damn, retired at 28, a man who could lay around but doesn't and a place in NYC? Get. It. Gurl.

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