Drew Barrymore's Latest TV Venture Is All About Girl Power & We Love It!

Drew Barrymore
@relle_on_films via Instagram

Looks like Drew Barrymore is bringing a huge dose of girl power to The CW with her upcoming Black Rose Anthology series.

There are plenty of shows that have a mighty girl boss in the driver's seat. Insecure has Issa Rae, ABC has a few shows thanks to the goddess that is Shonda Rhimes, and we even had Girls for six seasons until earlier this year. 

Here's the thing though...all of those have had men either help write or direct. So while they all have showcased bomb ass women, the crew hasn't entirely been feminine chic.


That is where Drew Barrymore's Black Rose Anthology is completely different. The one-hour anthology series is set to air on The CW thanks to Barrymore, Nancy Juvonen who's worked with Drew on Santa Clarita Diet, and the former co-showrunner of MTV’s Scream: The TV Series Jill Blotevogel.

So with these three talented women already on board, we are ready to set our DVRs way in advance for this one because from the sound it, Black Rose Anthology is going to be American Horror Story from a 100% female perspective, at least from the writer’s room. Only their stories will focus on our basic fears as humans including insanity and jealousy.

Blotevogel is actually the one who will be penning the pilot. With her history writing for MTV's Scream and knowing that The CW has a similar audience, perhaps this will be more Scream Queens than Horror Story?


Very interesting take and with The CW already having shows like Supernatural, iZombie and their history with vampire-friendly shows, we all know this network is not afraid to get their hands into some unusual territory when it comes to storytelling.

Now, all we want to know is who will be in this? Will they play the same hand as American Horror Story and utilize the same actors in different roles each season? Only time will tell because absolutely no word on when we're getting this female-driven show from The CW but we are going to be keeping our eye out for Drew Barrymore’s Black Rose Anthology.

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