Are Men Going Too Far When They Start Doing All The Beauty Things Ladies are Doing?

Men Make Up dark-lipstick Beauty

There are a million and one things that separate a man from a woman, and grooming used to be one of the major ones but it seems like that gap is closing in as more and more men are taking a huge interest in plucking, threading, shaving and waxing - basically all the stuff we do to impress them - they are now doing Is it even for us? Whether or not men have adopted these practices as a way to finally put in as much work as their female counterparts or not, I’m absolutely fine with it because a little manly maintenance is necessary.

Note how I said a little. That’s extremely important because while I am the kind of girl who straddles her man once a week to pluck his unibrow and clean up his edges - if I ever saw him get an arch, I’d feel like it was raising some major flags. Look at Zachary Quinto for example. His brows are so larger than life, Backstreet Boys started singing about them BUT he looks good because he keeps them clean. They aren’t bushy, just big. They aren’t styled like a Kardashian, but rather perfected to look like a man with some damn sense about keeping his face right.

The face isn’t the only area we’re concerned with. Last year Men's Health surveyed over four thousand men and 68% of them said they trim their armpit hair, 52% doing it for the "aesthetics." They also noted that the whole manscaping trend really made this survey look a hell of a lot different than one they took 10 years ago. NeNe Leakes would like to travel back in time as she likes her man to keep a mane under their arms to please her aesthetic. Even though some women like NeNe aren’t down with men taking it all away under the arms, that doesn’t mean men are caring.

Kind of rude, don’t you think? We shave a lot of places for our men so should they or shouldn’t they reciprocate and keep some of the hair we want around? Perhaps it is because of this whole boom in manscaping that men nowadays are more groom-conscious and feel like they have to do a whole lot more to appeal to women, when in reality - not all of us care all that much that their armpits are growing out. 

Dear men of the world, yes, we want you to look good but you don’t have to have the whole nine yards at the salon. Keep your eyebrows clean, and keep your body hair under control and we won’t have to drop you.

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