Nips On The Red Carpet: Wardrobe Malfunction Or Not? You Decide

Nips On The Red Carpet: Wardrobe Malfunction Or Not? You Decide

Nipples, what's the big deal? Both men and women have them but it seems that anytime a woman wants to showcase them - it causes a big scene. Recently Christina Milian rocked her naturals at the premiere of Live By Night and we think she looking stunning in her sequin gown that left nothing to the imagination. That's the thing, if done with elegance - what's the problem with nipples on the red carpet? We wanted to leave it to you and show some of the most notable nips over the years and see what you have to say.

Olivia Wilde

One of our favorite people on the planet for her political outlook, she's a beauty that can do no wrong - especially when it comes to this side action.

Dakota Johnson

50 Shades really got to her with this ensemble.

Uma Thurman

Yah or nah for the Kill Bill actresses solo nipple show?

Carrie Underwood

Like Christina, this Idol did it up by classing it up with her golden shimmer.

Rita Ora

She looks like a goddess. Seriously, she could be in a fairy tale with this whole look.

Natalie Portman

She looks so unapologetic for this top, and we're right along with her.

Anne Hathaway

As long as she's happy, right?

Debra Messing

The former Will & Grace star is leaving us green with envy with this outfit.

Miranda Kerr

When you're a Victoria's Secret model, it's all good in the hood.

Ellie Goulding

The songstress knows she's slaying in this revealing little number.

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