Find Out Which Highschool Cliques Your Fav Celebs Were Actually A Part Of

Find Out Which Highschool Cliques Your Fav Celebs Were Actually A Part Of

According to this juicy thread on Reddit, some of your favorite stars weren't always the coolest people in the world. Some were "douches," others hung with the snobs and well - some do hold up and were always amazing people. Now let's get to who they were back in the day before all the fame!

Ariana Grande

One person claimed this actress/singer we all adore now was actually a bitch back in the day. Another added she was obnoxious and hung with "snobby entitled rich girls." Damn…

Patrick Swayze

The late Dirty Dancing star was quite the heartthrob in his heyday, and that may've always been the case since he was described in high school as a flirt who "always had an ego." Hey, when you're hot - you're hot.

Sandra Bullock

It appears she would not have won Miss Congeniality since one former classmate noted the award winning actress treated her peers like "second class citizens not worthy to lick her shoe."

Blake Lively

While she may've played a Gossip Girl, one of her former peers said Lively was actually "pretty cool" and "down to earth."

Dwayne Johnson

As nice as this guy seems now...well that's always been his style. That is until one user noted he turned into a bit of a "huge douche" after he made it onto the football team and started gaining attention.

Ryan Gosling

A now Golden Globe winner, someone noted how he was "kind of shy" when they were in school.

‚ÄčNicki Minaj

She's apparently always been fierce because someone whose cousin went to high school with the rapper said "they almost got into a fight with each other."

Nicole Kidman

This Aussie was nothing more than "really smart." Well yeah, she left Tom Cruise before the couch incident.

Chad Michael Murray

Like Dwayne Johnson, this guy was apparently a bit of a "douche" as well.

Ronda Rousey

A friend of a friend said that the former champ always thought she was better than the rest, that is until a guy she challenged took her down. She was quiet after that.

Ashton Kutcher

We're not surprised to learn this guy has always been "chill."
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