14 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts to Show You Care

14 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts to Show You Care

Anyone can go out and buy a Valentine’s Day gift. Be it from the mall or last minute at the drugstore, but it takes a real boss to make one themselves. That’s why this year we say ditch the obvious and make something that comes completely from your heart - and hands. Don’t worry, we have some ideas to help get you started.

1. Date Ideas

One of the most annoying things couples face is deciding where to go, what to eat and so forth and so on. Take that drama away by putting all the ideas out in the open to choose from.

2. Est. Spooning

One frames, two spoons and knowing when you got together - and done.

3. Bath Bombs

Give them a chance to take a load off and relax with some homemade bath bombs. Super easy to make, promise!

4. A Mixtape

Go all '90s on them with a mixtape, but do it this way so they can actually listen to it! Fill it with songs that you two love, you love, they love and ones about well...love.

5. Piece by Piece Art

Get a puzzle from the dollar store, turn them around, paint and then get started on this stunning piece of art. Personalize it with your own special message.

6. Sweetie Pie

How. Cute. Is. This. If your boo loves to snack - look no further.

7. Love Coupons

These are never not a great idea. Also feel free to spice them up as much as you like!

8. Winefelt Heart

Does your honey love them some wine? Then you for sure have some corks laying around ready to be transformed into this.

9. Booze for Boo

Perhaps not wine, but something a little stronger then...

10. Framed Love

Not just any picture frame, one with your loving words attached.

11. Musical Note

Take the song that you two love most, the one you perhaps used for your first dance or had your first kiss too, and print the sheet music. Then create this breathtaking piece.

12. Natural Emotion

This is for those couples who are super into nature, and actually live where they can get all these great wooden pieces.

13. Your Type

For those who met online...this is PERFECT! You met through a keyboard, so celebrate it!

14. Destination Map

These are some of the cutest things in the world. Find the map of your milestone locations and note them like this. Memories and art all in one.
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