12 Short And Unconventional Wedding Dresses That'll Slay Your Big Day

12 Short And Unconventional Wedding Dresses That'll Slay Your Big Day

Gowns are always going to be in style when it comes to weddings, but hear us out about the short dresses popping up. They not only bring a more playful and youthful feel to the bride, but they are too cute for life! Plus, it’ll be easier to wear a short dress for another occasion. Say what? Saving money and looking fierce, oh yes please! Here are some short ensembles that will have you doing nothing but slaying on your wedding day!

1. Dapper Dame

That overlay gives her a whimsical meets Mad Men feel, as does that tiny headpiece.

2. Layered in Love

You better believe this is a smoking look! The layered look with the tulle and the red heel - girl is killing it.

3. Simplistic Fun

What is best about this one again is that a look like this can be worn again and again. This bride shopped smart, and cute with those tiny polka dots.

4. Sneak a Peep

We love how casual AND fancy this short dress is. Plus the peep toe heel is tots adorbs!

5. Flowers and Bows

That material is light and airy to match the playful bow in the back and the charming crown on top. We approve of this look 100%!

6. Walk in the Woods

Because she opted for a shorter white dress, walking through that muddy trail is not going to cause her any mishaps! What makes this bride shine though other than the dress is the addition of the pearls; classic.

7. Kitten Me-ow

Those kitten heels are everything right now and really deliver for her 50's inspired vibe.

8. Fairy Tale Realness

Nontraditional all around. The dress isn't long nor white, but it is working overtime honey.

9. Rock and Roll

She is serving it up right here. That pop of red with the leather jacket takes this bride above and beyond. She looks like she's about to head out to a concert right after her reception.

10. Pretty in Pink

Here the neckline paired with that pink waistline are helping boost this very delicate look.

11. Golden Moments

Looking closely you can see the fine detail on top with the lace neckline, and of course you can't miss those gold kicks.

12. Marry-Go-Round

Get it? Puns aside, one of the best parts about having a shorter dress (especially with tulle) is that you can twirl the night away at the reception without fear of tripping over your train.
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