10 Things To Do Before You See A Couples Counselor

10 Things To Do Before You See A Couples Counselor

Those who think getting married solves all of a couple's’ problems are delusional. Marriage isn’t easy, and when it gets really rough - that’s when it’s time to seek professional help. Couples counseling is nothing new and many partners give it a try every year, but before you decide this is for you there are a number of things you need to do beforehand.

1. Realize What Role Each Person Plays in Relationship Problems

Each of you have to admit to one another and yourselves who is causing what problems between the two of you before you can get to the root of them.

2. Set Boundaries with Friends

Let them know you and your partner are considering counseling and that you’d really appreciate them respecting that decision by not taking sides, gossiping or adding any other drama to the mix.

3. Make Sure Both Are On Board

If only one of you wants to go, you’re never going to achieve anything there. Plus, it’ll be a waste of money and time.

4. Be Ready to Commit to the Process

Not only do both have to be ready to commit to the process, but ya’ll have to be ready to endure the time counseling takes. Things will not be fixed overnight.

5. Set Goals

Like you recognized who was causing what problems, you also have to have actual goals you want to achieve so you know what you’re working towards.

6. Do Some Soul Searching

You also have to take time to look at who you are before you start this. What do YOU want out of life, love and this relationship.

7. Be Ready to Change

If things aren’t going well, then something - someone- has to change. So be ready and willing to do so.

8. Find Out if Your Counselor is Pro or Anti Marriage

Some counselors are better for those wanting to keep things going, and others are better for those who are looking to amicably split.

9. Narrow Down Counselor Choices Even More

If we learned anything from First Wives Club it’s that sometimes your counselor will shack up with your man right under your nose. So be sure to find someone you can trust 100%.

10. Don’t Wait Too Long

If you feel you and your partner are talking about it, then don’t wait too to get started on getting through these steps, so you can get to the actual counseling.
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