10 Things That All People In New Relationships Will Understand

10 Things That All People In New Relationships Will Understand

Having a new boo around is the best. There’s all this excitement still in the air and you’re still getting to know each other. Hey but you might want to check yourselves, because low key, there are definitely things that make starting anew hard AF. The following proves just that!

1. Labeling

Often times we call a new relationship "a new thing." Yeah, that type of vague noun is kinda where you're at. Just because you two are only kicking it with each other (and have been for a month or so) doesn’t mean that the other necessarily thinks you are all about one another. So make sure before YOU feel this is a new relationship, that they also do. How? How else. Talk it out.

2. The Ex-Factor

Dealing with an ex on your own is one thing, but when it comes to having someone new in the picture - tricky. Is the ex a baby mama? Are they an old friend? Is it some rachet chick from the club? All of these are important factors when discussing whether or not ya’ll are going to be cool with the ex sticking around.

3. Overanalyzing EVERYTHING

“What did that text mean?” “Why didn’t he tag me last night on Facebook?” “Who’s that girl who just liked his picture?” STOP. Take a chill pill and enjoy their company before this crazy business leads to a break up.

4. Having Oprah-like Conversations

Being with someone on a real level means opening up, and it’s up to you when you will finally feel comfortable talking about things like past trauma and mental illness. But if you do have something in your life that affects the day to day, be as honest as you can when the time is right.

5. Realizing Milestone Markers

Try bringing up whether or not you think it’s cool or dumb to celebrate things like monthly anniversaries, meeting the parents and other relationship milestones. It's so you’re both on the same page. You may want him to meet the parents after three months, while he may want six.

6. S-E-X

Modern day couples likely have already gotten down to business when they were casually dating. Hey that's fine, but once you’re in a relationship things can sometimes fall into a rut in the bedroom. Make sure to always keep it poppin’ by trying new things.

7. Taboo Topics

Say you met online so you already know where they stand on religion and politics, but how far in until you have a real conversation about it? Because if things go well and you start popping out babies, you have to eventually know where each really stands on those things. Better to have the talk sooner than later. Even if they aren’t rolling in the same party or religion as you - that’s definitely okay too. Just know to keep this dialogue open if either is important to either of you.

8. Lack Of Free Time

At the beginning you want nothing more to be showered with all their attention and affection, but that gets old - especially when you want to have a night out with friends sans your SO. This means not being glued together 24/7, and giving one another much needed space right from the get go.

9. Dealing With Friends...Of The Opposite Sex

This one is hard for couples who didn’t spawn from the same social circle. You have no clue who, if any, of their girl friends are into him and are pissed you’re dating him. Again, don’t over analyze. Maybe do a little random asking around, but overall be cool and go with the flow.

10. When The Honeymoon Has Ended

Stuck to one another constantly, sweet texts back and forth, constant sex - and them BAM! You’re in sweats arguing over who should’ve won the latest Chopped. Avoid the rut by always trying new things. Not just in the bedroom. We mean leaving the house and exploring things together.

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